BEAM's core team

Our small team combines different skills and experiences – from technical knowledge of market systems to research, networking, communications and online learning.

Mike Albu, BEAM Director 
Mike has led the BEAM team since 2014.  Mike has over 25 years experience working with international NGOs and programmes using a market systems approach, across south Asia and east Africa.  As the author of market analysis tools (e.g. EMMA Toolkit, PMSD Roadmap), he is passionate about understanding market systems – and using that knowledge to transform the role that business plays in reducing exclusion and poverty.

Isabelle Gore, Digital Community Manager
Isabelle is responsible for managing the BEAM Exchange website and other online channels, facilitating knowledge sharing and networking among market systems practitioners. She helps to shape and share content that benefits the BEAM Exchange community. Isabelle has been working as a digital specialist in website content management and development since 2005. She has previous experience with various NGOs working in the areas of corporate and environmental responsibility. She spent two years living and working in Ghana.

Mike Klassen, Market Systems Specialist
Mike’s role in BEAM focuses on our initiatives to improve training and capacity building services for market systems facilitators.  He has worked in market systems development since 2010, notably for BEAM Exchange to facilitate practitioner-led research, and to write case studies on market systems programmes. He has also worked in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.