BEAM Conference 2016

The 2016 BEAM Conference brought nearly 200 people to Lusaka, Zambia, sparking critical debate and reflection about the experience of market systems development approaches, and the future of our field. 

Resources from the sessions, including videos and presentations, are available from the plenary sessions and on the three tracks: results and insights, evidence, and innovation.

Plenary sessions

Opening session

With Patricia Seex (DFID), Reuben Banda (Musika), Dolika Banda (independent), Joanna Legerwood (Financial Sector Deepening Zambia), and Jim Tanburn (DCED).
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Good governance or grass-roots action: what enables industries to become resilient, competitive and inclusive?

James Foster (Gatsby) and Stuart Worsley's (Mercy Corps) different perspectives on what enables transformational pro-poor market system change.
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The good, the bad and the ugly: market systems and the politics of evidence

Elizabeth Dunn (LEO), Matthew Ripley (ILO), and Marcus Jenal (BEAM Exchange) debate on what constitutes good evidence and what doesn’t.
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Closing day one: what did you learn?

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Conference close

Speakers: Patricia Seex (DFID), Augustine Adongo, (Ghana MADE), Mike Albu (BEAM Exchange), and Helen Bradbury (ALCP Mercy Corps)
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Results and insights

The long view: 15 years transforming Kenya’s dairy sector

Lessons and challenges in facilitating pro-poor and sustainable change in Kenya's dairy industry. Featuring William Grant (DAI Europe), Harun Baiya (SITE Ent), Kevin Billing (independent), Phillip Cherono (Kenya Dairy Board).
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Investing in people: creating a market systems dream team

This session looks at the implications of having a great team for programme managers and donors. Featuring Debora Randall (independent), Helen Bradbury (ALCP Mercy Corps), Mark Napier (FSD Africa), Patricia Seex (DFID), Peter Beez (SDC), and Peter Roggekamp (3i).

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Pilot to scale: tactics for overcoming constraints to systemic change

This session examines a range of different approaches to achieving genuine systems change. Featuring Sachin Gupta (Palladium), Collins Apuoyo (PrOpCom Maikarfi), David Elliot (Springfield Centre), and Andrew Wilson (HELVETAS).
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Expect the unexpected: preparing for when plans go awry

Honest accounts of the initiatives (or certain elements of programmes) that went wrong and what enabled programmes to change course and turn things around. Featuring Rajiv Pradhan (Swisscontact), Mehjabin Ahmed (Katalyst), Kevin Billing (independent), Daniel Nugraha, (DFAT).
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Navigating density: market facilitation in aid-intensive contexts

Using examples from the Balkans and Nigeria, the speakers reveal the tactics they have used to deal with aid intensive situations. Featuring James Elekwachi (PIND), Nathalie Gunasekera (HELVETAS), Zenebe Uraguchi (HELVETAS), Siroco Messerli (SDC), and Robbie Barkell (DFID).
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Evaluating change in market systems: theory meets practice

The theory and practice of evaluating market systems approaches. Featuring Elizabeth Dunn (LEO), Adrienne Gifford (Initiative for Global Development), Fionn O’Sullivan (BEAM Exchange), Adinda Van Hemelrijck (IDS).
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Postcards from the edge: innovations in M&E methodologies and new guidance

A marketplace bringing a choice selection of currently available guidance for practitioners and donors. Using an interactive poster session format, attendees will be able to move around the room, harvesting the latest in innovative new methods, tools and techniques (in addition to challenges) to both collect and analyse data for monitoring and evaluating market systems programmes.
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A fine balance: evaluation, monitoring, independence and collaboration

A discussion on some of the most critical overlaps between monitoring and evaluation, with Jim Tanburn (DCED), Donna Loveridge (independent), Andrew Koleros (Palladium), and Mayeso Mphande (Ghana MADE),
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All systems go: systemic change: what it is, how to get there, and how to measure it

Challenging questions on systems thinking and change, with Ben Fowler (MarketShare Associates) and Marcus Jenal (BEAM Exchange).
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A tale of new cities: market systems and the resilience of urban environments in emerging economies

A discussion on the role market systems development has in cities with Shawn Cunningham (Mesopartner) and Austin Kilroy (World Bank).
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To boldly go: new directions in applications of market systems approaches

Ben Taylor (Springfield) leads an examination of novel applications of market systems approaches. With input from Gboyega Ilusanya, DEEPEN.
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Invisible constraints: market systems and women’s economic empowerment

The case for why and how programmes could address non-economic factors to contribute to poverty reduction and empowerment for both men and women. Featuring Helen Bradbury (ALCP Mercy Corps), Cristina Ruiz (Twin Trading), Nurul Siddiquee (CARE), Linda Jones (MEDA) and Kevin Conroy (Enable Nigeria).
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Many happy returns: systems approaches and impact investment 

Insights into how impact investors can partner with market systems programmes to broaden, deepen and accelerate the development of their investment pipeline and coordinate investments to achieve transformation in market systems. Featuring Alexis Morcrette (Adam Smith International), Maryanne Nguyo (ACRE), Patience Samhutsa (Practical Action) and Alison Griffith (Practical Action).
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In sickness and in health: evolution, current practice and gaps in facilitated health service provision

Market development and health experts discuss issues that are critical for the provision of reliable, appropriate and affordable health services for marginalised and vulnerable populations. Featuring Ben Taylor (Springfield Centre), Ron Ashkin (PSP4H), Jesse Kirowo (Pharmnet). 
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It’s all talk - why we need empowerment in market systems change

A discussion on participatory stakeholder processes in market development. Featuring Jim Woodhill (independent), Alison Griffith (Practical Action), Subrata Kumar (Swisscontact), Al-Habib Onifade (BIF 2), Hopewell Zheke (Practical Action).
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Challenging challenge funds 

Challenge fund experts review lessons learned, innovative new practices and how they can be used in extreme contexts. Featuring James Blewett (Maxwell Stamp) and Mathew Rupanga (Palladium).
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