Jan. 28, 2022

Reimagining the EDM Journal – open access, digitalisation, poverty outreach and more

Since 1990, the peer-reviewed Enterprise Development & Microfinance (EDM) journal has published practice-based insights into the role of markets, enterprises and financial services in reducing poverty and stimulating economic development.  

As we emerge from a global pandemic and confront the harsh realities of climate change, conflict and economic inequality, the EDM Journal has recommitted to be part of a just transition. This means changes not only to the content of the journal but also to the structure and accessibility.

Open access

As of our next issue – March 2022 – the EDM Journal will be completely open access. No fees will be charged to authors or to readers. This is made possible by voluntary institutional and individual subscribers whom we thank for their generosity. 


The journal has only been available online for the last two years – a big step for a journal that was known for decades by its shiny red cover! Now we are looking at ways to leverage this online presence to utilise new digital formats - including webinars, recorded discussions and infographics - and to expand our reach, create new content, and to promote positive change.

Global representation

More than ever, we aim to be a journal that has global representation among all those that contribute to and benefit from it. Becoming open source will allow those who might be financially constrained to have equal access to all content and encourage article contributions from around the globe.

And, in December, we welcomed four new Advisory Board members: Rahma Adam, Social Inclusion & Market Scientist, WorldFish, Kenya East and Southern Africa; James Peprah, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Cape Coast, Ghana; Francisca Indarsiani, Independent Consultant, Indonesia; and Mike Bowles, Global Advisor, Work and Enterprise, Aga Khan Foundation (AKF).

Field building

In addition to the wonderful Practical Action full-time publishing staff, the journal will continue to strive and thrive based on volunteer efforts. The Editor, Executive Committee, Advisory Board, Guest Editors, Authors and Reviewers are all practitioners and/or academics who give their time to contribute to building our field by sharing experiences and success stories, debating ideas, presenting new approaches and enriching our policy and practice.  

Reaffirming our niche

The EDM Journal resides at the nexus of research and practice. This is not always a comfortable place to be as there is tension between those that would be more academic (for a range of reasons) and others that would be more practitioner-oriented. But this nexus is an important element of the journal’s uniqueness, and the tension promotes creative approaches and thinking. 

Expanding our themes

The EDM Journal is not just about enterprise development and microfinance. For years now we have published papers on all types of finance and economic development – SME finance, impact investing, digital finance, value chains, market systems development, global food systems and more. As we enter an era of digital transformation, changing work environments and opportunities, climate change and shifting global forces, expect to see other themes covered by the journal. We might even change the name of the journal!

Leaving no one behind

The overarching theme of the journal will not change – we will reaffirm our commitment to poverty eradication and the creation of just economic structures and opportunities for all in emerging economies. 

How you can contribute to the journal: 

Look for our first open source issue in March 2022 which deals with inclusion of the poorest – with a market systems lens. Our guest editor, Dan Norell, “felt compelled to search for more effective economic development programming approaches for reaching the extreme poor.”

Linda Jones, International Consultant and Editor, EDM Journal

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