Digitalization of African agribusinesses: the role of frontier technologies

Sept. 27, 2021
Online & Geneva

Panel discussion on the potential impact of frontier technologies on agribusiness in Africa.

The digital sector delivers significant potential for growth, but the true potential for scale lies in the nexus between the agri-business and digital sectors, using digital solutions in agribusiness to add value, improve productivity, and deliver inclusive and sustainable benefits. There are many opportunities to connect the digital technology sector with agribusiness, and innovation in the sector has been particularly dynamic both with respect to food tech and Agri tech.

This is particularly important in terms of poverty alleviation: the World Bank points to that agricultural growth and related agribusiness can be at least twice as effective in reducing hunger and poverty.

As detailed in a new report published by the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED), possibilities in this area are significant with sizeable untapped business potential. But to what extent are digital technologies really contributing to the economic empowerment of African agri-business related to smallholder farmers? How can efforts of the development community be optimized to improve support in this area? What are the most promising frontier technologies for the agribusiness sector?

Additional Information:

Mr Maximilian Schulz, market systems development expert, and author of the joint DCED & BEAM Exchange publication on agribusiness digitalization (Germany)
Ms Ingrid van Beuzekom, Co-Founder, Geo Gecko (Uganda)
Mr Dan Asare-Kyei, Chief Executive Officer, Esoko (Ghana)
Mr Stefano Rettore, vice-chair, Farmer Connect (Geneva)
Kuapa Kokoo Farmers' Union (Ghana)