A business approach to Market System Development - the Élan RDC story

Nov. 11, 2021
BEAM Exchange

BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: 11th November 2021
1pm (UK/UTC), 2pm (CET), 4pm (Kenya), 8am (NY/DC) - time converter

Speakers from Élan RDC
Gregoire Poisson, Team Leader
Edwige Takassi, Access to Finance sector lead
Raouf Saidi, Renewable Energy sector lead

Élan RDC, one of UKAID's flagship MSD programmes, came to an end in July 2021 after over seven years of operation.

DRC is one of the most difficult countries to do business in the world. This webinar will focus on lessons learnt executing a market systems programme in a challenging environment, which tested the limits of the MSD methodology and approach.  

“Doing fast and failing fast”, managing the programme as a business, responding to opportunities and learning when to pivot were all key to an approach that, at times, differed from more traditional market systems development - but focused on achieving tangible results. 

Using examples from Élan RDC's renewable energy and access to finance sectors, the team from Élan will discuss how they applied the MSD methodology. 
Two case studies will be presented:

  • Altech and the development of the renewable energy sector in DRC
    Raouf Saidi will describe how a small solar lamps distributor became a major player and changed the way business is done the DRC.
  • Developing digital finance in the DRC
    Edwige Takasi will discuss how Élan substantially changed the digital ecosystem in DRC, despite not achieving the breakthrough it was hoping for.

The presentations will be followed by 30 minutes Q&A including the speakers and the following panellists:

Amy Stenoien, Deputy Director, Economic Growth Office, USAID
Laura Norris, Economic Adviser, FCDO 
Alex Elphinstone, Africa Project Director, ASI

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