Greening Market Systems Development

Dec. 9, 2021
BEAM Exchange

BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: 9th December 2021
1pm (UK/UTC), 2pm (CET), 4pm (Kenya), 8am (NY/DC)   (time converter)

Isaac Cowan-Gore, Junior Technical Officer, SME Unit, ILO
Gramos Osmani, Intervention Manager for Agri-Business, RisiAlbania
Sara Pauli, Project Manager, Ecovecindarios/Markets 4 Recycling
Clara Garcia Parra, Independent consultant (previously PSD Team Leader, RisiAlbania)

This webinar will look at the potential for programmes using the market systems approach to be designed to incorporate environmental concerns such as climate change, biodiversity and natural resource depletion. 

Drawing on a recent ILO guide, the webinar will explore how greening MSD is compatible with the promotion of decent work, and poverty reduction more broadly, by, for example: supporting the adoption of environment-friendly energy sources and materials; reducing pollution and waste; and protecting biodiversity.

Two case studies will be presented:

  • RisiAlbania succeeded in conserving the biodiversity of aromatic and medicinal herbs in Albania whilst still supplying the EU and US markets.
  • Markets 4 Recycling from Bolivia is developing transport sector waste markets by supporting the ecosystem of green businesses, as well as developing policies and raising awareness.

Presentations will last for 30 minutes and will be followed by 30 minutes of discussion where participants can put their questions to the panel.

Clara Garcia Parra (RisiAlbania) will join the panel for the discussion.

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