Using technology to streamline results measurement

Dec. 16, 2021
Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED)

Results measurement systems often require many documents that need to be effectively kept track of. Results chains, measurement plans and other reporting requirements need to be stored to back up programme evidence, and programmes often find this time consuming and complicated. Digitising results measurement documents can help programmes become more organised and efficient. 

Swisscontact Cambodia's Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture (ISA) project of has developed a relatively low-cost software system called e-MON to digitise results measurement documents and drive intervention steering. In this webinar, Rajiv Pradhan and Erica Wu will share their experience in setting up this system, including describing how it is currently put to use and the resources needed, as well as providing a virtual demonstration of what it looks like in practice.

Additional Information:

Rajiv Pradhan (Country Director, Swisscontact Cambodia and Project Manager, ISA)
Erica Wu (Deputy Project Manager, ISA)