Assessing system change Help Desks – multiple dates

Feb. 16, 2022 – March 15, 2022
Miehlbradt Consulting Ltd / Hans Posthumus Consultancy

Do you have questions about how to define and assess system change?  Hans Posthumus and Aly Miehlbradt are offering six help-desk sessions in February and March to address your questions and help you get started.

The sessions will draw on the guidance in “A pragmatic approach to assessing system change” which outlines a process that programmes can apply to regularly and practically assess system change. The approach helps programme teams describe the system they target, understand how it is changing and use that information to adapt system strategies. 

A user-friendly slide deck, recently published by Hans Posthumus, highlights three critical elements of this guidance: using a system table to develop a system strategy; using the helicopter lens to assess system changes; and updating the system table to review system changes and strategies.

To attend a one hour help-desk session, all you need to do is:

It’s free of charge, no strings attached. There are limited spaces and it’s first come first served.

Additional Information:

You may also want to join the 3rd March webinar Get started on assessing system change, facilitated by Aly Miehlbradt.
Three programmes will explain how and why they started to practically assess system change using elements of the approach from the guidance.