Shaping our new normal: an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine the workplace in international development

May 2, 2022
FtF Market Systems and Partnerships (MSP)

COVID-19 has profoundly altered the workplace for international development professionals. From the transition to a virtual working environment to the halt in international travel, our industry has been navigating unprecedented changes to our working models, stirring important questions about what our new normal will look like and how we can lay the foundation for a more empathetic, equitable, and inclusive sector.

In this webinar, we will explore professionals’ shifting perspectives on their careers in light of the seismic changes brought on by the pandemic. We will also investigate to what extent implementing partners are aligning with and responding to these shifts and consider what the

Additional Information:

This webinar is informed by MSP’s earlier research, in which we observed that COVID-19 was disproportionately affecting female market systems development professionals.