Introducing the new Jobtech quality of work measurement tool

April 26, 2023
Jobtech Alliance

This webinar will present a tool for assessing job qulity outcomes associated with jobtech platforms and the initial findings from piloting with three platforms.

The rise of digital labour platforms has significant potential to create new work opportunities for youth, but it also comes with risks.

Questions remain about what a 'good' job really means in the jobtech space. To date, measurement has focused mainly on the practices and policies of the platforms themselves. While important, the reality is that people are engaged across multiple platforms, and the outcomes they experience depend on their personal circumstances, and labour market needs.

So what are the most important criteria for understanding users' dignity, pay and satisfaction across the digitally-enabled work they do?

Building on a collaboration called the Jobtech Learning Lab, the International Labour Organization's Systems Change Initiative, the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment (CFYE), and the Jobtech Alliance have developed and piloted a tool for assessing job quality outcomes associated with jobtech platforms in Africa from the perspective of users.