Youth empowerment at the centre of systems change

Oct. 17, 2023
BEAM Exchange

BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: Tuesday 17th October 2023
Time: 9am (Colombia),10am (NY/DC), 3pm (UK), 4pm (CEST), 5pm (EAT/Somalia, Kenya), 8pm (Bangladesh)   [time converter]
The webinar will last for 1 hour.

Enrique Maruri,
Youth Resilience Activity (YRA), ACDI/VOCA / USAID
Ydun Donahoe, Technical Director - Market Systems, ACDI/VOCA  
Morgan Mercer,
Senior Director - Gender, Youth, and Social Inclusion, ACDI/VOCA

This webinar will illustrate how to engage and empower youth to design and drive systems change. 

Speakers will share practical tools, approaches and insights from the Youth Resilience Activity (YRA) that supports 60,000 youth in 30 municipalities of Colombia, including former child soldiers, young offenders, migrant youth and youth survivors at risk of intra-family violence or GBV.

It will look at how YRA focused on integrating youth perspectives into systems development at various stages of the five-year programme. 

Tools and approaches include:  

  • Stakeholder engagement and planning tools that focus on involving youth in identifying causes and shaping solutions.
    The speakers will describe how stakeholders co-designed Municipal Youth Resilience Plans that were influenced by feedback gathered from working closely with youth, their families and communities.
  • Analytical tools that help understand systems dynamics and drivers of youth resilience across different socio-ecological domains. The use of a Youth Resilience Assessment Tool has helped programme implementers and local actors prioritise interventions and better understand how resilience effects outcomes across systems.
    For example, soft skills and family cohesion plans are having a positive influence on youth employment and entrepreneurship outcomes.
  • Multi-actor grant programmes that bring different actors together to co-create and implement awards.
    For example, how to encourage meaningful partnerships with youth-led organisations and how to develop capacity to strengthen youth resilience at multiple levels.

The presentations will be followed by 30 minutes audience Q&A

Additional Information:

Primarily aimed at international development partners and donor staff interested in applying systems thinking to youth empowerment and youth resilience objectives.