Market systems development for funders

Oct. 2, 2023 – Oct. 3, 2024
Agora Global

State-of-the-art e-learning course that can be taken at your convenience.
Each module typically takes two hours to complete and the whole course totals 35 hours.

Learn about all aspects of being an effective funder in MSD programmes. Benefit from multi-media bite-sized modules, gamified content, and ongoing mentorship from Agora's n how to operationalise your learning.


  • Rapid understanding of what MSD is and how to do it, so you know what to expect from implementers.
  • Programme design - a clear process to understand parameters for programme design and the implications of the decisions made at this stage
  • Finding and selecting implementing partners - covering a wide range of different sourcing, partnership and procurement mechanisms
  • Managing and monitoring programme performance including formal results measurement frameworks and contracts as well as informal tactics to ensure your programme delivers.
  • Communicating MSD to different audiences to help you make the case for pursuing a more sustainable approach to development

Additional Information:

The course is aimed at anyone involved in designing, procuring, managing or advising a market systems development programme from a donor perspective.