The digitalisation of job matching services in Kosovo

Nov. 30, 2023
BEAM Exchange

BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: 30th November 2023
Time: 8am (NY/DC), 1pm (UK/UTC), 2pm (CET), 4pm (EAT/Kenya)
7pm (Bangladesh) [time converter]
The webinar will be for 1 hour.

Justin van Rhyn, Independent consultant and author of A rough guide to the MSD approach for youth employment in sub-Saharan Africa
From Enhancing Youth Employment (EYE), Kosovo:
Albina Berisha, Programme Manager
Valbona Rraci, Senior Intervention Manager

The webinar considers the important role of job-matching services in the development of labour markets for young women and men.

It will explore the evolution of private job matching services in Kosovo and the impact on youth employment. Where relevant, it will contrast this experience with the guidance offered in A rough guide to the MSD approach for youth employment in sub-Saharan Africa

Focusing on Kosovo's Enhancing Youth Employment (EYE) programme, it will look at the establishment and then digitalisation of job platforms and their role in mitigating youth unemployment - providing an update to EYE’s 2016 job matching case study
Speakers will discuss the following topics:

  • The role of job-matching as an important support service, and the opportunity it presents for programmes to intervene to make labour markets work better for young women - particularly in a dynamic, emerging economic context. 
  • Recommendations for market facilitators on how to support change in private labour markets with histories of strong public employment services. 
  • Balancing a youth labour market portfolio with interventions around job-matching services, such as career advisory and non-formal training services. 
  • Selecting system change indicators for job-matching services related to youth labour markets - and communicating results to influence system change. 

Presentations will be followed by 30 minutes Q&A

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Relevant for donors and staff working to improve labour markets, particularly for young women; and to those interested to learn more about, and to discuss the role of, job-matching services to improve youth employment.