Markets in crises training

23 Jul 2018 – 27 Jul 2018
Paris, France
Key Aid Consulting

This course provides original insights and knowledge on market-based programming and market monitoring in humanitarian settings.

It offers a comprehensive understanding as to what market analysis and monitoring can and cannot achieve to improve humanitarian programming.

Instead of focusing on a single tool, it provides an overview of the existing approaches and equips participants with the skills and confidence to pick the one that is fit for purpose.

We still have a few seats remaining. Join us to learn how to:

  • Explain the different market-related concepts and terminologies
  • Discuss what market data can be used for in emergency settings
  • Set the scope for market analysis and market monitoring 
  • Decide which market assessment tools and approaches to use
  • Support a market assessment exercise
  • Use market data to inform pre- and post-crisis humanitarian responses
  • Identify which overall skills are transferable to market assessment

The course is interactive (i.e. minimum slide show presentation), drawing on your experiences and knowledge. Time will be dedicated to address practical challenges that you may faced in your current positions.


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