BEAM Webinar - Extreme poverty alleviation using a market systems approach

04 Sep 2018
Online Webinar
Innovision Consulting

BEAM Grab the Mic webinar
Tuesday 4 September, 1300 (UK time) / 12 noon (UTC)
Speakers: Md. Rubaiyath Sarwar, Managing Director and Lead Consultant at Innovision Consulting
Saif MM Islam, Private Sector Engagement Coordinator at CARE Bangladesh

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Strategies for reaching people living in extreme poverty using the market systems approach and social services.

This webinar will share CARE Bangladesh’s programme experiences that were presented at a national seminar on Applying a market systems approach for extreme poverty alleviation and promotion of social services in April 2018.

The event brought together 16 projects and 150+ delegates from national and international NGOs and donor agencies in Bangladesh to discuss strategies for:

  • income and employment
  • financial inclusion
  • women’s economic empowerment
  • provision of social services through market systems approach

Rubaiyath Sarwar will present the relevance and application of a market systems approach in the context of extreme poverty and social services using highlights from the discussions in the seminar. Saif MM Islam will present CARE’s strategy and experience in implementing a market systems approach through a social lens from the perspective of the SHOMOSHTI project in Bangladesh.

Market systems do not operate in isolation of the public sector
Markets or market systems are mostly discussed in the context of engaging the private sector to deliver products or solutions for the poor. However, market systems do not operate in isolation of the public sector, NGOs and external funding agencies who influence the market economy.

Projects working on extreme poverty alleviation, health systems development, water sanitation, hygiene and nutrition, financial inclusion and skills development often face challenges in delivering scalable and sustainable results through a private sector only approach.

Experience in the field shows that these projects work in close coordination with a wide range of market actors to achieve systemic change. However, lessons from these programmes are yet to be systematically harnessed and discussed in the context of market systems development.


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