Systemcraft certificate - a practical approach to tackling complex problems

14 Nov 2018 – 15 Nov 2018

Systemcraft is an applied approach to complex change.

It can be applied to any complex problem. Whether you are seeking to create culture change within your business or organisation, tackle long term sustainability issues, integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into your organisation or take on complex social issues such as affordable housing; Systemcraft can help you work out – “so what do I do next?“

Our two day certificate training programme will give you:

  • An applied understanding of what a complex problem really is (and is not)
  • An applied understanding of what it means to use a systems-based approach to change
  • Confidence to use the Systemcraft Tool to create practical change
  • A network of like minded change leaders
  • A certificate qualification as a Systemcraft practitioner

Additional Information:

Who it is for

  • Those interested in using a systems approach to tackle complex or ‘wicked problems’
  • Corporate, public sector or not-for-profit leaders asking themselves "what do I do next?” in the face of a complex problem
  • Those working in international development, social movements or on social change issues

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