The Annual Regional BDS Conference

Nov. 19, 2018 – Nov. 23, 2018
Mombasa. Kenya

On its 13th edition, The Annual Regional BDS Conference remains one of the largest learning platform to advance the practice of market system development and value chain facilitation within East Africa and beyond. The event is organised by the BDS Donor Coordination Group (BDCG), a group of more than 30 development agencies that works together to promote collaboration and partnerships in private sector development.

The conference attracts professionals from donor organisations, implementing organisations/projects, private sector and government. It provides a unique opportunity to meet and learn from some of the most influential development agencies in East Africa and broaden your network of professionals in the sector through a networking event held as part of the conference.

Additional Information:

During the first two days of the conference participants are taken through the BDCG M4P training programme to learn the principles and application of M4P in different sectors. The training combines both theory and practice informed by case studies from successful (and not so successful) development projects and business models from East Africa. The next three days of the conference has a combination of panel discussions, thematic workshops, networking cocktails and exhibitions.

The panel discussions offer opportunities for thought leaders to share insight on different topics.Thematic workshops provide opportunities for practitioners to dive to the nuts and bolts of market system development in practice.