Introduction to Market Systems Development and Local Economic Development

03 Jun 2019 – 07 Jun 2019
Yangon, Myanmar

Do you want to learn about how to effectively use Market Systems Development (MSD) and Local Economic Development (LED) in your project?

This training will provide a comprehensive introduction to the two approaches, drawing from both theory and many years of implementation experience. 

Participants will be able to choose a focus on either MSD or LED during the training.

  • In the MSD stream, you will learn how markets work and change, how to make sense of current patterns of market underperformance, and how to design interventions that lead to systemic change in the markets.
  • In the LED stream, you will learn about how local economies work and change, the importance of localities, how to analyse local economies and how to build local change programmes by using participatory methods to build bottom-up change initiatives.

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