Top-down or bottom-up? How development actors can promote Economic Transformation

11 Jun 2020
Online Webinar

Time: 1pm (UK) / 2pm (CEST)

Dirk Willem te Velde (ODI)
Matt Ripley (Impact-Management)
Arjun Bhoopal (Gatsby Africa)
Kåre Johard (Sida)
Gun Eriksson Skoog (ILO)

What is Economic Transformation (ET)? Why is it relevant to donors and implementers seeking to drive sustained large-scale poverty reduction? And how can it be supported?

This webinar builds on research commissioned by DCED on Business Environment Reform (BER) and Market Systems Development (MSD) as complementary approaches that can drive poverty reduction through supporting Economic Transformation (ET).

This webinar will present guidance and examples on how development actors might support ET through the MSD and BER approaches. The concepts and implications for practitioners will be shared by the authors of the DCED research, while Gatsby Africa, Sida and ILO will share the donor/implementer perspectives.

Come with your thoughts and ideas – the short presentations will be followed by a 30-minute discussion.

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