Cracking the Nut 2021: call for proposals

18 Mar 2021 – 14 May 2021
Cracking the Nut

Cracking the Nut 2021: building resilient food, water, and energy systems 
The conference will take place virtually on November 15-18, 2021, over four half days, and will highlight how systems can be designed, adapted, and reinforced to ensure regular access to food, water, and energy for rural populations in developing countries.

The Cracking the Nut Advisory Committee invites proposals for presentations at this year’s event. The conference’s three core themes are:

  1. Applying technology and digital solutions
  2. Leveraging private sector and multi-stakeholder investments
  3. Ensuring inclusion of vulnerable populations

Additional Information:

All proposal submissions should be emailed to crackingthenut@connexus.email by Friday, May 14, 2021 with “Cracking the Nut 2021: Proposal to Present” in the subject line.