Advanced training workshop in results measurement for private sector development

Nov. 1, 2021 – Nov. 19, 2021
Miehlbradt Consulting Ltd / Hans Posthumus Consultancy

1-5 November and 15-19 November 2021

This unique training workshop, held every two years, brings together experienced results measurement practitioners to share lessons learned, solve common and emerging problems, exchange practical approaches to address identified challenges and build a supportive network. It has gained a reputation for empowering the practitioners who are driving the field forward to meet new and ongoing challenges. The content is demand driven, based on interaction with participants in advance.

This year’s workshop will be online, in live, interactive groups, scheduled for different geographical regions.

Facilitators: Aly Miehlbradt, Hans Posthumus, Nabanita Sen Bekkers, Phitcha Wanitphon.

Additional Information:

The number of seats that are available is limited: apply soonest but before 4th October 2021 via the online application 
Any questions, email Holm Miehlbradt