Leveraging ICT to improve access to agricultural extension and mechanisation services

June 10, 2021
Propcom Mai-karfi

Applying a mix of methods to reach farmers, especially smallholder farmers, with much needed agronomic information can be instrumental to improving their farming practice, productivity, and curbing or preventing diseases.

This webinar will explore key lessons and best practice from Propcom's application of various ICT channels to deliver quality e-extension and agricultural mechanisation services to smallholder farmers in northern Nigeria.

The webinar will cover:

  • how Propcom Mai-karfi leveraged the growing network of phone users in rural communities to test models for e-extension
  • how technology is being used to optimise the agricultural mechanisation services market
  • Propcom's approach to building the capacity of radio stations to deliver extension services sustainably
  • how brokering relationships and building networks drives extension services

Additional Information:

Time: 11am West African Time