Transforming Gender Inequality through Inclusive Dairy Value Chain Development

26 Sep 2017
SEEP Network

CARE Bangladesh will host a webinar on "Transforming Gender Inequality through Inclusive Dairy Value Chain Development" to share its unique experience and learning from Strengthening Dairy Value Chain Project. The webinar will replicate a Peer Learning Session held at the 2017 Women's Economic Empowerment Global Learning Forum, aiming to share insights on the status of gender inequality in a dairy-based market system and how an enterprise-led dairy-hub model can make it gender inclusive. The webinar will include participation from the BRAC Dairy, a leading dairy processor in Bangladesh, also SDVC project partner, to share their experience of transforming the core business model. Oxfam Bangladesh will then reflect on their learning on promoting women’s economic leadership from their dairy value chain work in Bangladesh.


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