DCED - BEAM Seminar 2018

21 Feb 2018 – 22 Feb 2018
Nairobi, Kenya
DCED, BEAM Exchange

DCED and BEAM Exchange are pleased to announce a two-day event in 2018 for policy makers, funders, practitioners of market systems development, and private sector development results measurement professionals.

The seminar is now fully booked. Please contact the organisers if you are a speaker that has not yet registered.

Provisional programme:  21 - 22 February 2018

The DCED – BEAM Seminar 2018 is all about sharing practical experiences among practitioners and policy advisors in private sector development.  To reflect how our interests often overlap, we will be offering concurrent sessions on market systems development and results measurement.

Themes for the 2018 Seminar

1.  Decent work: using the market systems approach for better employment conditions

Poor quality jobs have severe impacts on workers and families trapped in perilous living and working conditions. How can a market systems approach to decent work help?  These sessions will look at evidence from the field: what’s been effective and what can be done to better address job quality in future?

2.  Market systems development in cities: what's new, what's business as usual?

The unique features of cities in rapidly urbanising countries have important implications for how we adapt the market systems approach. These sessions will share practical experience from programmes coping with urban challenges of congestion, the complex intersection of public, private (market) and civil society systems, and looking to exploit the benefits of ‘urban agglomeration’.

3.  Was it us?: using qualitative approaches to assess our contribution to impact

When multiple factors drive changes in a system, it is a major challenge to asses the contribution of an individual programme to impact.  Increasingly, development organisations and programmes are looking to augment quantitative methods with qualitative information. These sessions will highlight experiences using approaches such as outcome mapping, contribution analysis and mixed methods to assess impact.

4.   Making results measurement work: applying the DCED Standard in small or adaptive programmes

The DCED Standard is being used by an increasingly diverse range of programmes, whose different characteristics make for unique challenges and opportunities.  How can the Standard work in small programmes with modest resources? And what about programmes with an adaptive management style? The speakers and sessions in this track will offer new lessons and insights about good results measurement practice. 

We will also have a special sessions on:

Better technology for results measurement

  • Several examples of practical technical solutions from organisations pioneering innovation in results measurement methods

The competencies of market systems facilitators

  • Mapping the knowledge, skills and attitudes that underpin competency in market systems development practitioners:  a framework to assist recruiters, trainers and individuals interested in career development

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We look forward to meeting you in Nairobi.

Additional Information:

The agenda, and further details, will be posted as soon as they are available.  Please check here regularly for updates.
In the mean time, you can find out about the previous DCED Seminar 2016 on results measurement, or browse videos and presentations from the 2016 BEAM Conference


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