Systems thinking & approaches for international development

14 Nov 2017 – 15 Nov 2017
Arlington, VA

The Global Knowledge Initiative and Georgia Tech Professional Education 2-day course on Systems Thinking and Approaches for International Development will take place on November 14-15, 2017. The course is worth 1.40 Continuing Education Units, and participants will leave the course with a better grasp of how they can use systems thinking and tools (e.g., systems mapping, futures foresight methods, etc.) in their social impact work. The course will begin with a focus on Systems Thinking. Once participants feel comfortable with the mindset, we will unpack some tools / approaches that can help turn that mindset into action. Participants will practice systems methods in real-time through a case study approach. The course will conclude with a focus on the importance of Systems Thinking and tools for management and leadership.

Additional Information:

How You Will Benefit:

  • Understand how Systems Thinking helps us deal with unstructured, complex scenarios. - Learn how to apply Systems Thinking methods.
  • Learn about specific Systems Thinking tools and practice applying them to your work.
  • Appreciate why international development institutions are mandating systems approaches.
  • Explore the Systems Thinking mindset that brings value across diverse systems approaches.


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