Get involved

We can support you to share your market systems experiences with the community. Here are some of the initiatives where you can get involved:

Systemic change measurement stories

We can support you to share your market systems measurement experiences with the community.

Grab the Mic

We offer the opportunity for you to take the lead on a webinar – the topic, panel and date is your choice – and BEAM will provide technical and general support.

Community notifications

If you have an event, training opportunity or job to share with the community, please fill in the form

If you would like to write a blog, please email us with your idea.

Previous initiatives

On the road to adaptive management

We are looking for blogs to share ideas on how common challenges associated with adaptive management can be overcome.

Practitioner-led innovation and learning

We are inviting expressions of interest from groups that have already been collaborating on common challenges and would benefit from some additional support from specialists.

Market facilitation clinics

Team up with other experts facing similar challenges. This is a joint initiative between The SEEP Network and BEAM Exchange.

How to notes

Solving challenges in market systems development and lessons learned.