Consultant for maize cob valorisation

Kigali, Rwanda
Closing Date
May 21, 2019

DFID's Improving Market Systems for Agriculture ion Rwanda (IMSAR) is a market systems program that aims at catalysing private sector investment in agriculture market systems. Palladium is leading IMSAR, and one of the companies we are working with is Kumwe Harvest Ltd, a post-harvest aggregator and processor of maize in Rwanda. It was founded in 2018 to eliminate aflatoxin growth in Rwanda's maize value chain and improve smallholder farmers' access to commercial markets in Rwanda as a result. 

In order to select the optimal valorisation routes, Kumwe Harvest and IMSAR are seeking a consultant to further assess potential business models. The assessment of business models needs to include technical, economic and sustainability aspects covering the complete chain (from feedstock production to product end use).

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