Research and analysis of Zambian Collaborative Management Partnerships (CMPs)

Prospero Zambia
Closing Date
Nov. 30, 2020

Prospero would like to commission a research and analysis project that will enable stakeholders to quickly get up-to-speed and appreciate the potential of CMPs to deliver significant economic, social and environmental benefits. The overall objective is to:

  • Support a common understanding and narrative for stakeholders around CMPs and the role they have played/are playing in Zambian conservation and tourism.
  • Provide a clear analysis of the process for how CMPs in Zambia have been developed and implemented.
  • Indicate what lessons can be taken forward in creation of a more streamlined and effective process for attracting CMP partners/investors in a best-practices context.

Additional Information

Potential service providers should submit their proposal electronically to: by 30 November 2020. **Please state 'CMP Research' in the subject line.


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