National Consultant on Market Systems and SMEs Development

Closing Date
Sept. 22, 2023

The ILO is seeking a consultant to provide technical assistance to conduct research on incentives for SMEs to contribute to social insurance schemes in the framework of the Estidama ++ Project in Jordan.

The research will be focused on:

  • identifying sectors or value chains in Jordan where the appeal for SMEs to contribute to social insurance is highest, including for non-Jordanian and female workers, and that therefore can be targeted by Estidama ++ to increase sustainability and scale of the programme.
  • analysing sectors’ dynamics, actors’ behavior and practices, as well as the key rules, regulations and norms influencing the incentives (and disincentives) of employers and workers to contribute to insurance scheme in these sectors.
  • designing schemes in selected sectors that will unlock, reinforce and/or create additional incentives for SMEs to contribute to social insurance schemes for their (non-Jordanian, female and youth) workers.

Additional Information

The assignment will take 35 workdays from September to December 2023.