Mike Klassen Consulting / BEAM Exchange
Consultant / Market Systems Specialist
I am an independent consultant and a part-time member of the BEAM core team. I have been working in the field of market systems development since 2010. The majority of my field experience was as a consultant and team leader with EWB Canada, in Ghana and Uganda. I have been working for BEAM for several years, and most recently have been involved in the development and roll out of the MSD Competency Framework, and the facilitation of the MSD Procurement & Contracting Clinics. Outside of market systems, I am an active researcher in the field of Higher Education, currently a PhD Candidate working on a comparative study of engineering education in the UK, Singapore, Australia and South Africa for my thesis. I am curious about opportunities to connect these two sets of expertise, and open to learning about programs applying MSD principles in education and training - particularly post-secondary education (in TVET institutions and universities).