Miehlbradt Consulting Ltd
Alexandra Miehlbradt (Aly) has worked in inclusive economic development for 30 years as an implementer, consultant, researcher and trainer. Aly is known for her client-centred technical assistance, strategic advisory, backstopping, design, documentation and review services, as well as effective knowledge management, training and facilitation. She has provided long-term advisory support to a number of MSD programs, primarily in Asia and the Pacific. Aly has written a variety of widely used publications on MSD and results measurement with a focus on system change and adaptive management. Aly is a leader in the global effort to improve monitoring and results measurement and the effective use of information in MSD. She has helped a wide variety of organisations - both programs and donors - to develop or improve their design, monitoring, results measurement and adaptive management systems. Aly is also an innovator in improving global capacity in this area, for example by training and mentoring other consultants. Aly opened Miehlbradt Consulting Ltd in 2008 building on 10 previous years of independent consulting.