Bidowra Khan

Regional Gender and Social Inclusion Advisor

Bidowra has extensive experience of 15 years in working with market systems development (MSD) projects, private sector engagement, and social inclusion in rural markets , particularly with women and smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs. She has conducted gender analysis in both agricultural and non-agricultural value chains, including maize, vegetable, potato, fish, prawn, poultry, and craft to develop sustainable strategies and interventions for women’s economic advancement and empowerment. She has more than 10 years of senior management experience in designing and implementing MSD programs with the aim of addressing gender constraints and inclusive finance within market systems. During her tenure with a SwissContact-led MSD project, Bidowra developed a gender-sensitive monitoring tool (women’s economic empowerment index) to represent changes in the economic empowerment levels of women benefitted from market system interventions. She provides coaching and training to project staff and other relevant stakeholders on gender inclusion business modeling. In the realm of inclusive finance, Bidowra recently added a credential from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management to become a “certified expert in financial inclusion policy.