EconDev International LLC
Principal Consultant Economic Development

Skilled provider of technical assistance for economic development program implementation, facilitating higher levels of private sector engagement, sustainability, and scale.

  • Seasoned technical leader securing grant awards of $35M to $175M from USAID, USDA, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and high-net worth donors through expertise in proposal writing, impacting up to 650K people in a project.
  • Thought leader in private sector engagement with ultra-poor, extremely poor and vulnerable households, writing journal articles, technical briefs and presenting on area.
  • Motivational leader inspiring performance excellence through skilled nurture of the talents of diverse teams, championing continuous professional growth.
  • Skilled facilitator and writer demonstrated the creation of learning products and tools in economic development projects to increase programmatic consistency and quality.
  • Strategic networker of food security and livelihoods presentations/proposals for US government, Congress, and major foundations