M&E consultant advisor and coach

I am a proud member of EvalIndigenous, a global partnership built on the foundation of the knowledge and expertise of indigenous peoples around the world. I am also a guest lecturer and mentor fellows at the African Leadership Centre, King's College, University of London. I help clients define and meet their information needs. I focus on thoughtful monitoring that gives voice to those who deliver services and is accountable to so to learn from those who matter most - client beneficiaries. My main skills lie in: a) facilitating development and use of theories of change and logical frameworks b) developing thoughtful monitoring systems with a focus on listening to client and staff voices c) fostering relationships and cross team learning d) doing, designing and oversighting different types of evaluations Grounding myself and learning about my successes and failures have been made possible through 17 years practical experience in M&E: Lesotho (4 years), Malawi (3), Uganda (2), South Africa (2), Tanzania (2), Zimbabwe (1), Bangladesh (2) and India (1)