Independent Consultant

I aspire to help my fellow human beings live more dignified and fulfilling lives, particularly those of us who are most disadvantaged - financially, socially, geographically. The art and science of systems-thinking is a powerful lens to help us rethink how we organize resources in society to improve the services, products, and opportunities available to people.

My areas of interest and expertise are: (a) analyzing a sector from a systems-thinking lens, understanding social and institutional dynamics and developing hypotheses to inform systems-change strategy; (b) adaptive management and leadership; building teams that can test hypotheses in real-time, learn, and adapt; (c) the tactical nitty-gritty of systems-change facilitation (e.g. market facilitation) - how to apply a facilitation approach, day-to-day, at a project/program level; (d) coaching, training, and supporting people to build skills in systems thinking and facilitation. My experience includes: (i) improving local government planning processes in rural Ghana (health, water, and education); (ii) working with several M4P and value chain development programs in East Africa to help them adopt a systems approach to economic growth as well as basic services; (iii) serving as a public planner in the energy sector in Ontario, Canada; (iv) most recently, training as a paramedic to directly serve as a healthcare professional in Ontario while still pursuing broader systems-change initiatives locally and globally.