Adaptive management in aid programmes

BEAM webinar: Adaptive management in aid programmes
10 December 2014. 
Speakers: Amir Allana, Tim Sparkman and Peter Roggekamp.

Aid works better – especially in complex and conflict-affected environments – when there is scope to trial and adapt programme strategies. So argues Amir Allana in Navigating Complexity, a case study of Northern Karamoja's Growth, Health and Governance Programme that is adopting an 'adaptive management' approach.

The speakers discussed lessons from their work in Uganda and Cambodia. What does adaptive management look like in practice? And what does it require of managers and funders to make it happen?Tim and Peter will share their experiences of applying adaptive management techniques to the Northern Karamoja Growth, Health and Governance Programme and the Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain Program. Amir will highlight insights from the Navigating Complexity report, including the importance of office culture, consistent management signals, and the role of supportive tools and processes.

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