From analysis to action

BEAM Webinar: From analysis to action

15 March 2017
Speakers: Mark Thomas, Nathan Associates; James Blewett, Maxwell Stamp; Bill Grant, DAI; Jodie Thorpe, BEAM Exchange.

One of the biggest challenges facing market systems projects is designing and implementing programmes that consistently achieve sustainable, systemic change as the foundation for development impact at scale.

Nathan Associates, and Maxwell Stamp, with support from BEAM Exchange, have undertaken research looking at how practitioners use initial analysis to design interventions; and at the relationship between the quality of pre-pilot business/investment analysis and successful impact at scale.

In this webinar, Mark Thomas from Nathan Associates presented a new framework showcasing the different ways practitioners move from broad analysis to specific interventions. James Blewett from Maxwell Stamp presented findings that show new and compelling evidence for the need to pay more attention to the value of more rigorous commercial analysis and strategic thinking, before investing in pilot interventions.