Better jobs in Africa’s booming construction sector

BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: 25 June 2019


Steve Hartrich, The Lab Project, Market Systems Development for Decent Work, ILO Geneva
Alexander Twahirwa, Labour Market Governance Officer, ILO Kigali

Insights from market systems analyses applied to Rwanda’s building industry

The rapid rise of urban populations is making the construction sector an engine of economic growth in low-income countries. It is a particularly important employer of vulnerable groups such as recent rural migrants.

However, few market systems programmes have analysed or attempted to address the precarious nature of jobs in this sector. And little is known about how to translate this economic activity into decent employment.

The ILO Lab’s analyses of construction market systems in Mozambique, Zambia and Rwanda revealed common insights around:

  • sector structure
  • the constraints that limit worker development and business growth
  • the opportunities for intervention

This webinar discusses these analyses and describes their practical application in an ILO project in Rwanda. This project is helping market systems practitioners understand how they can create more and better jobs in Africa’s booming construction sector.

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