Disruptive technologies - an innovations system approach

BEAM Grab the Mic webinar 

Date: Thursday 12 September

Speakers: Marcus Jenal, Decision Support Unit / Meredith Baker, Country Director DRC, Viamo and Lucine Le Moal, ELAN RDC Team Leader

This webinar shared the findings from the study Disruptive Technologies for Private Sector Development in the Democratic Republic of the Congo along with knowledge gained about the effective use of technology in DFID’s PSD programme in the DRC . 

Marcus Jenal, co-author of the study, presented its findings.
Lucine Le Moal, ELAN RDC Team Leader, talked about their introduction of solar lamp technology in the DRC.
Meredith Baker, ELAN RDC delivery partner, presented a case study of using mobile technology for financial education and business development services in the DRC. 

New technologies are often seen as a quick fix for some of the most difficult market systems challenges. The potential of emerging technologies – such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing or blockchain – is certainly exciting. However, we need to take a step back and look at the wider context before we look to transplant the latest innovation. 

The presenters discussed why we should not expect to cut and paste technologies from one context to another. We need to look carefully at the network of interconnected support that allows technologies to function in a new context - and think about how such ‘innovation systems’ can be strengthened. 

Watch the webinar: