Financial markets in protracted crises

BEAM webinar: Financing the frontier - financial market development in protracted crisis: beyond the humanitarian response
Speakers: Tim Waites, DFID;  Joe Huxley, Financial Sector Deepening Africa; Thea Anderson, Mercy Corps

Inclusive financial market development faces new and growing challenges, especially in fragility-affected regions and in protracted crisis. In Sub-Saharan Africa, there are 20 countries currently considered fragile in one way or another and over 19 million people that are either refugees or internally displaced.

The panel explored a series of questions around what is distinctive in financial market systems in crisis and fragile regions, what this means for market facilitators.

The panellists discussed promising trends in this sector, among others, financial services for displaced populations and how to better harness remittances, and talk through recommendations for development actors working in this sector.