Getting to scale

Grab the Mic webinar: Getting to scale, 5 October 2016
Speakers: Gareth Davies, Julian Hamilton-Peach, Peter Roggekamp

All market systems development programmes have the ambition to reach as many people living in poverty as possible. Donors and practitioners have embraced the MSD (M4P) approach in part because it promises to deliver greater scale than ‘direct delivery’ programmes. While there are several well documented examples of MSD programmes reaching scale, surprisingly little has been written about the different strategies for getting to scale, how long it takes to reach scale, and what sector and country specific factors support or hinder scale.

Part 1 of the webinar presents five different strategies (or pathways) for getting to scale. Drawing on the recent Adam Smith International paper, Getting to scale, hear experiences from a wide variety of programmes that illustrate which strategies are most appropriate in different contexts, and discuss general lessons in getting to scale. Part 2 of the webinar looks at two particular programme examples – PrOpCom in Nigeria and CAVAC in Cambodia – to explore in more detail what works and does not work in getting to scale and how programmes can optimise their chances of successfully reaching scale.