Greening the MSD approach in agriculture

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BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: 23 January 2024

Clara Garcia Parra, Senior Consultant, The Canopy Lab
Md Mohasin Kabir, Interim CEO & Gracia Christie Napitupulu, Head of Portfolio, PRISMA (Indonesia)
Innocent Thindwa, Country Intervention Manager, CASA (Malawi)

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This webinar focussed on the concepts and methods that are needed to properly consider climate and other environmental factors in the design and implementation of MSD programmes.

Increasingly, agricultural programmes that use the MSD approach are expected to be intentional about achieving climate and other environmental goals, such as soil conservation and biodiversity protection, alongside poverty-reduction.  

How programmes can do this is the subject of the recently published Greening the MSD approach for agricultural programmesClara Garcia Parra - the main author - talked us through the structure, concepts and highlights from this practical new guidance.

Environmental sustainability objectives encompass climate adaptation, mitigation, resilience, as well as considerations around soil management, biodiversity conservation or pollution reduction. Greening MSD uses the term ‘greening’ as shorthand to refer to the mainstreaming of these goals. 

Clara drew on the experiences and lessons from MSD programmes in Africa and Asia that have successfully integrated environmental sustainability into their intervention designs, programme management and results measurement methods.

This was complemented by programme examples to illustrate how this integration took place in practice, from:

  • Md Mohasin Kabir and Gracia Christie Napitupulu shared insights from the activities of the PRISMA programme in Indonesia.  
  • Innocent Thindwa presented a compelling example from the CASA programme in Malawi.

Presentations were followed by an audience Q&A

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