From inception to inspiration

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BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: 12th September 2023

Elene Tkhlashidze, Operational Manager, RECONOMY
Jorge ReyesTMS: Transforming Market Systems, Honduras, USAID
Holly Lard Krueger, Managing Partner, The Canopy Lab

ModerationClara García Parra, Senior Consultant, The Canopy Lab

The market systems development approach is both iterative and experimental throughout a programme’s implementation. How important is the inception phase of an MSD programme to this process?

Inception phases need to strike a balance between donor expectations (accountability and proof of concept) and implementer needs (refining market understanding, setting up team dynamics). This webinar looked at what drives, or hinders, the success of an inception phase by sharing perspectives from different development practitioners – a donor, an implementer and a consultant.

The panel explored:

  • How long is too long?
  • What are the necessary conditions for an inception phase to work?
  • Why do some inception phases fail and what are the consequences for the implementation phase? 
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