Innovative applications of the MSD Competency Framework

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BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: 21st March 2023

Paul Ndungu, Senior HR Manager - Talent, Gatsby Africa
Nina FitzSimons, CEO, PRISMA
Fernando Martinez Cure, ILO
Mike Klassen, Market systems specialist, BEAM Exchange

In 2018, the BEAM Exchange launched the MSD Competency Framework as a tool for MSD programmes to invest in their staff capacity - through hiring, training and assessment. Since then, many organisations and their programmes have tested or adapted pieces of the framework. 

This webinar provided examples from three organisations who have applied the framework in innovative ways - taking what they need from it and putting it into practice.

  • Gatsby Africa implemented a competency framework across all programmes and offices, which has explicit ties to performance assessment and personal development planning. 
  • PRISMA applied the framework to its innovative ‘batch’ recruitment process, with large cohorts of new staff taken in at regular intervals.
  • The ILO has used parts of the framework to develop a value chain analysis certification process, which it has used to ensure the quality and competence of staff, programme partners, and consultants.

The webinar is an opportunity to find out more about the framework and be inspired to apply it to your organisation - increasing the effectiveness of your teams and the impact of your programme.

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