Can Jobtech create sustainable decent work for millions of unemployed youth?

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BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: 20th July 2023

Gituku Ngene, Senior Global Advisor – Jobtech, Mercy Corps
Mercy Mangeni, Senior Venture Building Manager - Jobtech Alliance
Meseret Tefera, Team Leader - LIWAY, Mercy Corps

Technology is disrupting labour markets across developing countries – changing how work is accessed and delivered, and how productivity and skills are improved. There is a rise in job platforms that facilitate the matching and delivery of work – with over 350 in Africa alone.

This webinar introduced Jobtech - digital solutions that enable, facilitate and improve people’s ability to access and deliver quality work. It is a rapidly growing nascent sector with a fragmented market, unproven business models and an undefined ecosystem and with limited investment. The panel shared examples of how programmes are applying market systems change principles to shift the behaviours of key Jobtech market actors (entrepreneurs, funders, support organisations, policymakers and others), to enhance the viability and scalability of Jobtech platforms and ensure they provide decent, quality jobs in an inclusive way.

The speakers explored how Mercy Corps is applying systems change thinking to grow Jobtech ecosystems, including:

  • What is Jobtech and why is it important for labour markets in developing countries?
  • How is Jobtech serving as an enabler to various labour market functions, such as skills and and job matching
  • What are the positive and negative effects of Jobtech on workers and what can players do to avoid common pitfalls in the industry?
  • How does Jobtech connect to market systems development and why is systems change vital in growing the digital ecosystem? 


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