Managing market system development – implications for donors

DCED MSD Working Group webinar

Date: 25 September 2018

This webinar explored the implications of the MSD approach for donor management.  

Tim Ruffer of Itad Ltd and Gun Eriksson Skoog of Swedish Sida drew on a recent evaulation of how Sida manages its portfolio of programmes that use the MSD approach.

Itad presented its findings to the DCED MSD Working Group and are subsequently sharing the findings and discussion with the BEAM community.

They discussed the factors that enable funders to manage their MSD programmes effectively, including:

  • rules, guidelines and systems
  • staff capacity
  • organisational culture

Itad also shared findings related to Sida’s practices, the challenges their staff face, lessons learned and recommended actions. For example, how to balance dealing with complexity and allowing for adaptation with the need for accountability to funders. 

Staff from Sida shared their reflections and explained how Sida plans to take the work forward.
Working group members contributed to the evaluation discussion.

Webinar recording

Read the evaluation reports

Evaluation of the market systems development approach - lessons for expanded use and adaptive management at Sida

Read Itad's blog How should donors manage adaptively? Market Systems Development as a case study.