Market systems and job quality



BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: 12 December 2017

Steve Hartrich, ILO 
Raksha Vasudevan and Ben Fowler, Marketshare Associates 
Sebastien Moineau, BIF Myanmar 

How the market systems approach can be used to improve working conditions and job quality. This webinar explores evidence and experiences from the ILO/Marketshares report, Market systems and job quality, and includes a practitioner's perspective of the Myanmar garment industry.

More jobs and higher wages are tangible, important and objective goals. But quality is important too. Low quality jobs have considerable impacts on workers, and keep poor families trapped in perilous living and working conditions. At their worst, they can limit a family’s ability to survive and inflict severe consequences on a worker’s health.

The ILO Lab, together with Marketshare Associates, recently mapped evidence from the field to learn what’s been done, what’s been effective and how projects and donors can better address job quality in the future. Their report draws on the practical lessons and experiences from 18 projects to help guide practitioners and donors on a path toward more effectively tackling job quality in market systems programming.

Steve Hartrich of the ILO moderates the discussion exploring the findings of this report, alongside Raksha Vasudevan and Ben Fowler, the report's authors.

Sebastien Moineau of BIF Myanmar Myanmar presents a practitioner's perspective on measuring job quality in the Myanmar garment industry.

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Market systems and job quality

Practical lessons and experiences to help guide practitioners tackle job quality in markets systems programming

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