MSD business models: how to build competency in business and financial analysis

BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: 5 December 2019

Speakers: Matt Ripley, ILO - The Lab / Tonderai Manoto, ILO - Road to Jobs Programme (Afghanistan) / Niklaus Waldvogel, Helvetas - EYE Programme (Kosovo) / Mike Klassen, BEAM Exchange

The success and sustainability of market systems programmes depends on how well they understand - and can therefore influence - private sector business models towards sustainable, inclusive growth outcomes.

But how well do programme staff really understand the intricacies of business and financial analysis?

This webinar highlighted the findings of a recent ILO The Lab report - Business models for decent work - which investigated four case studies of business models supported by MSD programmes.

Programme leaders from EYE: Enhancing Youth Employment (Helvetas Kosovo) and Road to Jobs (ILO Afghanistan) shared how they evolved business models in relationship with partners.

The webinar finished with guidance on how to use the ILO report in conjunction with teaching guidance from the MSD Competency Framework to get the most value out of the case studies. It linked a key MSD competency (A2 - Business and financial analysis) to targeted resources (the ILO report) and a methodology (case study) to strengthen capacity.

Watch the webinar: