Transforming systems for professionalising farmer organisations - the AMEA Framework

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BEAM Grab the Mic webinar 

Date: 12 November 2019

Speakers: Mark Blackett, AMEA Global Network Director / Sabrina Amburgey, Vice President for Strategic Growth and Partnerships at ACDI/VOCA / Harrison Kaziro, Manager, Agribusiness Unit at Uganda Cooperative Alliance

How the Agribusiness Market Ecosystems Alliance (AMEA) aims to transform the systems that support farmers and their organisations to access markets and finance and deliver value to their members.   

In most countries this system does not exist. Instead hundreds of projects deliver services in a fragmented, expensive and unsustainable way.

This webinar described AMEA, the AMEA Framework, the new ISO global guidelines for farmer organisation professionalisation and how AMEA’s focus is now on local network development to deliver systems change.

AMEA has 26 members whose work reaches millions of farmers across the globe. Its network works toward a system that accelerates the professionalisation of farmer organisations and provides incentives to improve service quality. This system is called the AMEA Framework.

Watch the webinar: