Rebuilding fragile markets with unconventional MSD partners

BEAM Grab the Mic webinar

Date: 1st July, 2021

Salamatu Baba Tunzwang
(Propcom Mai-karfi), Technical Lead, Poultry Production and Marketing
Gbenga Ariyo (Propcom Mai-karfi), Technical Lead, Animal Health

This webinar focused on how Propcom Mai-karfi worked with unconventional partners to facilitate the recovery of fragile and conflict-affected markets.

Propcom is a UK Aid-funded MSD programme focused on improving rural and agricultural market systems in conflict and conflict-affected areas of northern Nigeria.

In the context of fragile and conflict-affected markets the webinar covered:

  • what determines access to markets and how to improve it 
  • how to select unconventional partners, and the potential drawbacks
  • how to develop sustainable partnerships 

The speakers useed two case studies to illustrate how Propcom adapted the M4P model of programme implementation to respond to the challenges faced by the conflict in north-east Nigeria.

The case studies highlighted how unconventional partners  – such as community-based organisations (CBOs), faith-based organisations, associations – can help provide the much-needed response to market recovery in fragile and conflict-affected markets.

The case studies:

  • Propcom’s poultry CBO model and the tools adopted to improve poultry production and marketing 
  • Facilitating access to agricultural inputs and how Propcom leveraged existing networks and bundling of services (last mile delivery of vaccines and warehousing) 

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